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MyPayNow Alternative

Wage or salary advance services provided by apps like MyPayNow have emerged as a solution for millions of Aussies who need fast cash now. You borrow a particular percentage of your salary before payday for a fee, and the amount is deducted as a lump sum when you get paid. A MyPayNow alternative offers a better solution where you don’t lose a massive chunk of your wages to repayments.

This article will explore how MyPayNow alternatives work, how much borrowing with apps like MyPayNow costs, key features of MyPayNow alternatives, and the pros and cons of apps like MyPayNow Australia. You’ll also learn about the eligibility criteria for apps like MyPayNow, how to apply and why personal loans from lenders at Gday loans are the best MyPayNow alternative so you can make an informed financial decision.

1. How Do MyPayNow Alternatives Work?

MyPayNow alternatives include payday advances, cash loans, and small loans available among lenders at Gday Loans. With MyPayNow alternatives, you can borrow from $150 to $2,000, with some lenders offering online cash loans and easy loans of up to $5,000.

There’s no waiting around for cash when you need it. Traditional lenders and banks can take days or weeks to approve your loan request and have many hoops for you to jump through. When using Gday loans, you save time and money with MyPayNow alternatives approved and paid out within 60 minutes!

After approval, you receive a lump sum payment into your account and get 3 to 24 months to repay in affordable repayments. You’ll get repayment schedules set on the day you get paid, whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Instead of repaying the loan in one lump sum payment when you get paid, you can spread the repayments over several months for more manageable repayment.

If you borrow below $2,000 through MyPayNow alternatives, you’ll not pay any interest, only a 4% charge on the loan amount as a monthly service fee. Through Gday Loans, you can select a loan package based on your affordability and find lenders who offer attractive packages with reduced rates if you take your time to compare options.

MyPayNow alternatives from Gday Loans are an excellent choice if you need some bridging cash or quick funds when you’re in a difficult spot. They’re suitable for big and small financial emergencies and are a more realistic cash advance option with extended repayment periods tailored to your budget and affordability.

2. How Much Does Borrowing With Apps Like MyPayNow Cost?

With apps like MyPayNow, you have to pay additional fees attached to the loan amount borrowed. You’ll not pay any interest on the loan, but different apps like MyPayNow will have their fees and terms, which can include administrative costs, establishment, or service fees. You’ll fund that each has its fee structure, and it’s advisable to review the terms and conditions before you open an account. Apps like MyPayNow may charge a percentage of the amount borrowed, and most set the fee at a fixed 5%. When you borrow, you repay plus an additional 5% of the amount borrowed. For example, a $100 advance will attract a $5 fee while a $300 will feature a $15 fee and so on.

You can also pay a flat fee when you borrow through apps like MyPayNow based on the borrowed amount. You can pay $5 for on-demand advances or $5 for specific ranges like between $100 and $300, and $10 for anything exceeding this threshold. Generally, the pay-on-demand services’ terms will influence the amount you pay for advances.

While such fees can seem insignificant, they can add up gradually to significant amounts. In the case of MyPayNow, the 5% charge on a weekly salary can add up to an effective 260% annual interest rate over a year. You have to consider the impact on your budget before borrowing with apps like MyPayNow.

With Gday Loans, you get access to reputable lenders who adhere to lending regulations set by the Australian government. You’ll get MyPayNow alternatives that don’t charge interest on loans below $2,000, and you only pay a 4% service charge. Here’s an overview of what borrowing with apps like MyPayNow can cost vs. borrowing personal loans or cash advances through Gday Loans.


Maximum Amount

Added Cost



Up to 25% of your salary

5% fee

On payday

Ferratum Money


4% fee

3-12 months

3. MyPayNow Alternative Key Features

Higher Loan Amount

MyPayNow alternatives feature higher loan amounts from $100 to $2000, with some lenders offering up to $5,000. They can help you cover small and large financial needs. Remember only to borrow what you need to get you through a difficult financial patch or emergency. Avoid borrowing for unnecessary expenditures, holidays, or simply spoiling yourself.

Extended Loan Term

Most lenders at offer MyPayNow alternatives with extended loan terms based on the borrower’s choice and affordability. You’re allowed to repay the loan in a few weeks or over a few months. Keep in mind that interest is charged every month for the entire duration of the loan. If you choose a short loan term, you pay less interest, and if you choose a more extended period, you pay more interest.

Disbursement Time

With a MyPayNow alternative from Gday Loans, well connect you to lenders who offer quick payouts. Our lenders are aware of the urgency involved in financial emergencies, and they’ll not keep you waiting. As long as you’re eligible, they’ll approve your application within minutes and disburse the funds within hours.

You’ll get your funds within 24 hours at the latest. For a quick turnaround, it’s advisable to apply as early in the day as possible because some lenders have specific cut-off times. A same-day payout is usually possible if you sign and send back the loan agreement before the cut-off time.

4. Pros And Cons Of Apps Like MyPayNow Australia


  • • MyPayNow Australia provides easy access to short-term cash with little to no hassles.
  • • The loan is repaid in a few weeks meaning there are no commitments.
  • • You’ll not be charged any late payment fees, but if you have an outstanding balance, you’ll not be able to re-access the service.
  • • You’ll not pay any interest with apps like MyPayNow Australia.


  • • Apps like MyPayNow Australia feature small loan amounts, and you’re limited on the amount you can borrow based on your income. Unlike MyPayNow alternatives, you can only borrow up to 25% of your salary with limits of up to $1,250. If you can’t borrow enough to cover what you need, it can often defeat the purpose of the loan.
  • • Apps like MyPayNow Australia also feature short repayment periods of less than a month. You may not have enough time to repay the loan, and you have to be sure you can afford to repay within a short period. A MyPayNow alternative like payday advances from Gday Loans offers longer repayment times depending on the amount you borrow.
  • • Waiting up to 2 business days for loans disbursement can be frustrating, especially if you have an emergency. Gday Loans features MyPayNow alternatives with instant payouts, and you can have the funds in your account within an hour!
  • • Apps like MyPayNow can quickly get you into a debt cycle, as most of your salary gets deducted the moment it gets into your account. You may end up having to borrow again when you’re left with little to cover necessary expenses at the end of the month.

5. Am I Eligible For Apps Like MyPayNow? Information Required To Apply

Most apps like MyPayNow will require that:

  • • You’re at least 18 years old.
  • • You’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • • You’re formally employed and classified as a part-time, full-time, contract, on-demand, or casual employee by your employer.
  • • You earn over $300 weekly after-tax, and over 50% of this amount does not come from Centrelink or other government benefits.
  • • You receive your salary in a bank account linked to MyPayNow and not a savings account.

Documents and information required to open an account and apply with apps like MyPayNow include:

  • • Valid identification documents. A Medicare card, open driver’s license, or Australian passport is preferred.
  • • Your contacts including a valid phone number and email address.
  • • Your bank details.
  • • Employment information and your last salary amount and date.

6. How To Apply For Apps Like MyPayNow Australia

The first step involves signing up after you download and install apps like MyPayNow Australia. Fill in your details and answer a few questions about your employment. An artificial intelligence technology will determine how much salary advance you qualify for through apps like MyPayNow Australia. You can then choose the amount you need as long as it’s within your cash-out limit. If you qualify and are approved, the cash advance will be transferred directly into your account.

7. MyPayNow Alternative: A Personal Loan May Be An Alternative

If you need to borrow more significant amounts with more extended repayment periods that allow you to spread repayments over a few months, a personal loan may be a suitable MyPayNow alternative. Through Gday Loans, you get access to a comprehensive panel of the most reputable lenders in Australia who offer personal loans from $100 to $5,000 with 3 to 24 months repayment periods.

Unlike apps like MyPayNow, you don’t have to be formally employed to qualify and get approved for a personal loan at Gday Loans. All that matters is affordability, and we’ll connect you to lenders who accept all kinds of income from any source, including self-employment, freelancing, trust proceeds, pension, dividends, rental income, and allowances.

8. FAQ's

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Pay Advance?

Apps like MyPayNow offer disbursement times of two business days from when you submit your application and get approved. This can feel like forever when you have an emergency breathing down your neck.

With a MyPayNow alternative like a payday advance from Gday Loans, you can get funded almost instantly within 60 minutes! In case of any delays, you’ll receive the funds within 24 hours at the latest.

How Do I Repay My Advance?

With apps like MyPayNow, the repayment is automatically deducted from your account on the day you get paid. Lenders set up an automatic debit that deducts the loan amount plus fee when you get money in your account on the set date. Advances from apps like MyPayNow are repaid within a month.

In contrast, repayments from a MyPayNow alternative like payday advances from Gday Loans are made over extended periods of 3 to 24 months. You’re allowed to choose a suitable repayment schedule based on your budget and circumstances, and this can include weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. More extended repayment periods will enable you to spread the repayments over a few months for increased affordability.

What Credit Score Do I Need To Use Pay On-Demand Australia Apps? Do Pay On-Demand Apps Conduct Credit Checks?

You can use pay-on-demand Australia apps with any credit score. Pay on-demand apps don’t conduct credit checks when you apply for a salary advance. Consideration is only given to your income and expenses to determine if you’re eligible and can afford an advance.

What Can I Use Pay Advances For?

You can use a pay advance for any purpose, but it’s wise to only take out a pay advance for emergencies and urgent financial needs. Pay advances are usually small amounts meant to cover minor unexpected expenses. Consider a MyPayNow alternative like a personal loan from Gday Loans if you’re looking for something more substantial.

Why Can’t I Access My Full Salary?

You’re only allowed to borrow a portion of your salary to ensure you don’t get into financial trouble by taking out all your wages early. It ensures you have something left over for necessary expenses after deducting the repayment from your salary.

Is A Personal Loan Better Than A Wage Advance?

Yes. A personal loan is better than a wage advance for various reasons. It offers higher loan amounts that can help you cover big and small financial needs. You also get more extended repayment periods that allow you to make small affordable payments instead of one lump sum payment within a month.

Do Pay On-Demand Apps Operate Online?

Yes. The entire process from application and approval to payout takes place online. You can apply and get funded from anywhere, anytime, through your phone or computer.

Do Banks Offer Pay On-Demand Services?

Yes. Some banks like CommBank offer advance pay services, and you can access them through a mobile banking app. You have to be a pre-existing member of the bank and earn above a particular amount monthly. Additionally, a credit check may be required to qualify for pay-on-demand services from banks.

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