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Loans For Gamblers Australia 2022

Gambling is an ancient form of entertainment that can easily take on a life of its own. Loans for gamblers can help you clear any gambling debts you may have to regain control of your finances and get your life back on track. Repaying any debts is crucial once you’ve freed yourself from gambling.

Even after beating the gambling addiction, finding a lender willing to advance you a personal loan may be challenging. However, various specialised lenders in Australia offer loans for recovering gamblers and ex gamblers without judgment or discrimination. provides a free matching service to such lenders in a few clicks!

What Are Loans For Gamblers? How Do Loans For Gamblers Work?

Loans for gamblers are short term loans specially designed for recovering or ex gamblers. They’re approved, processed and paid out quickly when you qualify and can provide you with the funds needed to cover urgent or emergency financial needs.

Loans for ex gamblers can also come in handy when you need to repay any debts you accrued while gambling. Once you stop gambling and start moving forward, the next step is to make the necessary moves to get yourself out of debt.

While most people choose to file for bankruptcy to discharge their gambling debts, it’s a drastic measure with effects that last for years. It should never be your first option. Loans for gamblers is a better option as they can be tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Loans for gamblers work like most loans where you get a lump sum of money when you apply and repay with interest over a chosen term. You’ll only need a few minutes to apply and get approved among lenders at

You’ll get a quick online loan application process and know whether you qualify within 90 seconds or less. Gday Loans will freely match you to understanding lenders who will not judge you based on your past gambling or financial hurdles. Instead, they focus on your affordability and how you handle your finances now.

Simply choose the amount you need to borrow and follow the simple steps to fill in and submit the short online loan application form. There’s no paperwork, red tape or waiting around to know the fate of your loan request.

Gday Loans matches you with specialised lenders who will likely approve your request. You’ll get funds into your account hours after approval, and all that’s left is to make repayments over a term you choose based on your budget and affordability.

Whether it’s a few bucks or something more substantial, Gday Loans’ lenders offer loans for gamblers from $100 to $5,000 with repayment periods of 2 to 24 months.

Types Of Loans For Gamblers Australia

Loans For Recovering Gamblers No Credit Check

Loans for recovering gamblers with no credit check are suitable when you need easy cash without the hassle of hard credit checks. These loans don’t require a credit check for approval and disbursement.

They’re excellent for recovering or ex gamblers with a bad or no credit history. Gday Loans will match you with suitable lenders who don’t need to pry into your credit history to consider your request.

Lenders will only consider your affordability to approve your request based on your income and monthly expenses. While looking at such expenditures, they’ll check if gambling makes up a considerable portion of that, making you a riskier borrower.

Loans for recovering gamblers with no credit check feature small amounts of up to $2,000, making them easy to repay so you’re not indebted for long. 

Loans For Ex Gamblers With A Guarantor

Loans for ex gamblers with a guarantor involve incorporating a responsible person in your life in the loan application. It can be a trusted friend or family member who accepts to repay the loan if you default, thereby ‘guaranteeing’ the loan for the lender.

Such loans are ideal for borrowers who’ve had gambling problems in the past because they’ll have someone to hold them accountable. To qualify, the guarantor must have a good credit history and stable finances to cover loan repayments if necessary.

Having a guarantor significantly increases your chances of approval with reasonable rates and terms. It’s wise to ensure you only borrow what you can comfortably afford to repay to avoid putting your family member or friend in a difficult situation.

Gday Loans will match you with lenders who offer loans for ex gamblers with a guarantor from $100 to $5,000.

Loans For Recovering Gamblers With Bad Credit

Getting approved for a loan with bad credit and gambling problems can seem like an uphill task, but it’s not impossible. Thanks to specialised lenders available through Gday Loans, you can access loans for recovering gamblers with bad credit.

As mentioned before, our lenders don’t judge or discriminate. They’ll treat you as an individual based on your current circumstances and affordability. If other platforms and lenders have denied your request, you may have better luck with us.

Loans for recovering gamblers with bad credit are small and easy to repay, helping you improve your credit score in no time! Through, you can access loans for recovering gamblers or ex gamblers with bad credit from $100 to $5,000, depending on your affordability.

Loans For Recovering Gamblers On Centrelink

Loans for recovering gamblers on Centrelink are designed for Australians on Centrelink benefits who’ve had gambling problems in the past. Most lenders place restrictions on lending to unemployed borrowers, and you may have limited options if you receive most or all your income from Centrelink.

Thanks to, you get access to specialised lenders who provide loans for recovering gamblers who get Centrelink payments. You’ll get a suitable solution for your needs whether you’re a pensioner, student, widow, low-income family or individual.

Lenders can offer $100 to $5,000 tailored to your circumstances and needs.

Features Of Loans For Gamblers Australia

Instant Loans For Ex Gamblers

When you apply for loans for gamblers today, there are high chances you’ll get funds in your account within hours or tomorrow at the very latest. Most lenders at Gday Loans offer instant approvals with same-day payouts, provided you can afford the requested amount.

Affordable Loans For Recovering Gamblers

You must only take out loans you can afford to repay. To make the decision easier for you, Gday Loans connects you to lenders who offer affordable loan amounts from $100 to $5,000. Always consider your budget and earnings when choosing the loan amount.

Flexible Repayments 

Our lenders will allow you to choose a suitable repayment schedule when making the loan agreement. You can select a few weeks for small amounts or several months for higher quantities. Repayment frequencies range from weekly and fortnightly to monthly repayments that fit your earning schedule or lifestyle.   

Trustworthy Lenders 

You’ll only find trustworthy, licensed and transparent lenders at You’ll have peace of mind every time with the best deals, terms and fees in the market. The last thing you want is to deal with untrustworthy lenders who may try to hoodwink you into unsuitable arrangements.   


Lenders at Gday Loans keep their fees to a minimum with loans for gamblers, and they’re transparent with what you can expect, so you’re not caught off-guard. If you borrow up to $2,000, you’ll not pay any interest, only a 20% establishment fee or a 4% monthly fee. For loans higher than $2,000, you’ll only get a fixed rate between 5.99% and 35.99%.   

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Loans For Gamblers Australia 


All Credit Scores Welcome 

You can apply and get approved for loans for gamblers with all kinds of credit scores. Lenders at Gday Loans understand we all face financial hurdles at one point or another and aim to help all eligible Australians, even those with low and non-existent credit scores.   

Access To Lenders Most Likely To Approve Your Request 

Gday Loans works with an extensive panel of the most reputable lenders in Australia. Once you submit your application, they ensure it reaches lenders who will likely approve your request and payout the loan. You also get to apply for loans for gamblers among multiple lenders at once without negatively affecting your credit score.  

No Interest Loans 

You’ll get zero interest charges when you apply for loans for gamblers below $2,000 among lenders at It ensures borrowing remains affordable for Australians with different needs and budgets. 

Borrow Money Online 

You only need a smartphone or laptop and internet access to borrow loans for gamblers with a few clicks from anywhere in Australia.   



Loans for gamblers are usually unsecured and can be costly, especially if you have bad credit or are unemployed. Lenders may charge higher interest rates than traditional loans to mitigate the risks involved.   

Examples Of Loans For Gamblers 


Max Loan

Loan Term


Nimble Loans


9 months

1 hour

Sunshine Loans


9-14 weeks

30 Minutes

Jacaranda Finance


24 months

Almost Instant

Application Process For Loans For Gamblers 

Follow the following steps to apply for loans for gamblers among lenders at 

Step 1: Gather Documents 

Before your loan is disbursed, your details need to be verified. Ensure you have the required documents ready to avoid delays. Such documents include: 

  • Valid identification like a Medicare card or driver’s license.
  • Bank account details.
  • Income proof such as payslips or bank statements from the last three months 

Step 2: Fill In The Online Form 

The next step is capturing your details by filling in the online application form at Start by choosing a suitable amount and term, then provide your personal, financial and expenditure details. Ensure you fill out the form accurately without errors or mistakes and click on the submit button.   

Step 3: Review 

Once you submit the filled-in form, lenders will review your request and provide feedback within 2 minutes! They’ll require you to provide additional documentation at this point to verify your details. Once approved, the lender will send you a loan agreement to review and accept.

Go through it carefully, taking note of the terms of the deal and asking any questions you might have to avoid any misunderstanding. If the terms and conditions are satisfactory, simply sign and return the agreement to the lender.    

Step 4: Disbursement  

After you return the signed loan agreement, the lender will disburse the approved funds to your account as soon as possible, usually within a few hours or 24 hours at the latest. 

Eligibility Criteria For Loans For Gamblers 

All lenders are independent, and each may have their criteria to qualify for loans for gamblers. Most lenders will require that:

You’re at least 18 years of age

You’re a citizen or permanent resident of Australia

You have a regular, consistent income paid out weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

You have a valid home address

You earn at least $350 per week after tax, and more than 50% of this doesn’t come from Centrelink benefits

You have a valid phone number and bank account 


Can I Get A Loan If I Have Been Gambling? 

Yes. If you’ve stopped gambling or gamble responsibly, you can easily qualify for a loan. The amount you spend on gambling may be a factor as lenders consider your request. If you spend low amounts, you may be considered low-risk, and lenders can overlook it and approve your request.   

Can I Take Out A Loan To Settle A Gambling Debt? 

Yes. You can take out loans for gamblers to help you settle different gambling debts at once, so you’re only left with one lender to repay.   

Do Lenders Check If You Gamble? 

Your gambling transactions will likely appear on your bank statements, and depending on the frequency and amounts involved, it can be a red flag for the lender. 

Does Gambling Affect Credit Score Australia? 

No. Gambling will not affect your credit score. Your credit score will only be damaged if you take out loans for gambling or miss repaying your gambling debts. 

Which Loans Can Recovering Gamblers Easily Get? 

Recovering gamblers can quickly get loans for gamblers from lenders at You can qualify and get approved even with bad credit, provided you can afford to repay the requested amount.

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