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Medical Loansfor Bad Credit Australia

Medical loans Australia are on the rise, and a large part of that rise comes from traditional banks making financial aid harder for the average Aussie to get their hands on. Nothing can quite prepare you for the shock of a medical emergency. Whether you’re going in for elective surgery, find yourself in an accident and need emergency care, or get the news that your child has broken an arm in a playground accident – it will cost. How can you ensure you get the best possible medical care if you don’t have the cash lying around to pay for these expenses? This overview looks at medical procedure loans, how they work, features of loans for medical procedures, pros and cons of medical loans, types of medical loans you can apply for, eligibility criteria, and how to apply.

What Are Medical Loans Australia? How Do Medical Procedure Loans Work?

Before you go ahead and apply for medical loans via the website, take the time to understand what loans for medical procedures are and how they work. Medical procedure loans are only used to pay for all costs related to your medical care, including surgery, treatments, recovery, medications, medical-related travel, and even time off work. Most loans for medical procedures in Australia are unsecured, meaning that there’s no need to put up collateral or have a co-signatory to secure the loan.

At, medical surgery loans range from $300 to $10,000 with 3 to 24 months to pay. No interest is charged on loans up to $2,000 as per Australian law. However, loans that exceed $2,000 may have up to 48% APR charged. While you will not be asked to prove what you intend to spend the loan on when applying for medical loans Australia via Gday Loans, it is advised only to borrow the amount you need instead of overshooting the total required. This will increase your chances of loan approval as affordability is easier to prove.

You can use medical loans to pay for:

Cosmetic procedures

Dental work

Elective surgery

Laser eye treatment

Fertility treatments


Medical tests


Medical travel

Hospital stays


Types Of Loans For Medical Procedures Australia

There are several types of medical loans Australia to choose between. These include:

Medical Loans On Centrelink

As a Centrelink benefits recipient, it may seem as if financial aid is limited. Most traditional banks won’t approve loans for Centrelink recipients, making it difficult to get bridging cash or pay for medical emergencies that crop up. In order to qualify for medical loans on Centrelink via the portal, you must prove that your Centrelink benefits don’t amount to more than half of your monthly income. Lenders will also want to compare your income vs. expenses to ascertain if a medical loan is affordable to you.

Medical Loans For Bad Credit Australia

If you have a chequered financial past, there’s no reason to believe it will negatively impact your financial future forever. The lenders on the panel believe in approving (or denying) bad credit medical loans based on current finances and affordability, making the concept of medical loans for bad credit borrowers less of a pipe dream. For this reason, no hard credit check will be done on your credit score when applying for medical loans for bad credit Australia with Instead, lenders will determine if the loan is affordable by carrying out an affordability assessment. When asked to provide details of your income and expenses, it is best to be as transparent as possible as lenders will verify the information provided.

Medical Student Loans Australia

You'll know all about mounting study costs if you're a student studying towards your degree. Whether you need access to medical student loans Australia to pay for your own healthcare or fund your studies in the field, the lenders on the panel have options for you to consider. While most loans come with up to 48% APR, loans of below $2,001 have 0% interest charged. Keep in mind that zero-interest loans of up to $2,000 still have fees attached. You will be expected to pay a 4% monthly service charge and up to a 20% establishment fee (this is a once-off). One of the perks of medical student loans Australia through is that you don't need collateral to secure the loan, and you don't need a credit score either.

Medical Loans For Surgery Australia

Hearing that you need surgery is scary news to receive. What’s even scarier is not having the money to pay for the surgery or procedure in the first place. Medical surgery loans ranging from $300 to $10,000 at make it possible for everyday Aussies to get the medical care they need while paying off the expenses according to a comfortable repayment schedule that suits their finances. Medical loans for surgery Australia are paid out on the very same day the loan is approved, which means there’s no waiting around to get the health care you need when you need it.

Features Of Medical Loans Australia

The terms of medical loans via will largely depend on each individual lender. That said, most loans for medical procedures share a number of features as follows:

Centrelink Recipients Welcome

While many may think that medical loans on Centrelink are akin to unicorns in the financial world, they're actually entirely possible to achieve. Like with any loan, some criteria need to be met to be eligible for the loan. In the case of medical loans on Centrelink, you must earn a minimum of $350 per week, and at least 50% of that income must come from a source other than Centrelink benefits. Some acceptable forms of alternative income include rental income, dividends, allowances, trust payouts, freelance work, ad-hoc work, etc.

No Traditional Job Required

While it is stipulated that you must earn at least $350 per week in order to be eligible for medical surgery loans, you don’t necessarily have to have a traditional job or produce payslips from an employer. With the world quickly progressing to a more remote working setup, it stands to reason that people are branching out and discovering new, alternative ways of earning money. You can still apply for medical loans via if you’re earning money from alternative income streams. You can produce your bank statements and tax returns to prove your income.

Flexible Loan Amounts & Repayment Schedules

All lenders on the platform provide medical loans Australia ranging from $300 to $10,000 with 3 to 24 months to pay. This enables all Aussies the opportunity to select a loan amount they can genuinely afford and comfortably repay.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medical Loans Australia

There are pros and cons to all things in life, medical loans included.


2-Minute Approval

When applying for loans for medical procedures, stress and tension levels are bound to already be high.  Waiting around to hear the outcome of the requested loan will only add to the discomfort, especially if your application is rejected. Because of this, lenders endeavour to act as quickly as possible on loan application processes. The first step is the automated online loan application process. Simply complete the application form, submit it and wait just two minutes for feedback.

Almost-Instant Disbursement

One of the most frustrating things about traditional bank loans is how long the approval process takes and how long they subsequently take to finalise and pay out the loan amount. If you're applying for medical loans for surgery Australia, it's safe to assume that you need the cash in a hurry. At, our panel of lenders makes it their duty to provide approved loan payouts quickly. In most instances, the waiting time is just 60 minutes – at the most, the payout will happen within 24 hours.

No Credit Check Required

You may think that credit checks are required when applying for medical loans, but that's not true. While some lenders will require a credit check, not all do. Lenders on the website panel don't require applicants to have a good credit score. Instead, income vs expenses plays a more prominent role in the final approval (or denial) of medical loans for surgery Australia. Medical loans for bad credit Australia will still require you to meet with the basic eligibility criteria.



Unfortunately, same day cash loans for medical expenses come at a price. On loans of up to $2,000, fees include a 20% once-off establishment fee and a 4% monthly fee. If you need a larger loan amount, the APR can be anything up to 48%.

Examples Of Loans For Medical Procedures


Loans Range



Nimble Finance

$2,000 - $25,000

0% APR on $2,000
47.61% on $2,050 - $5,000

62 days – 22 months

Fair Go Finance

Up to $10,000

Up to 48% APR

36 months

Swoosh Finance

$2,000 - $5,000

$400 establishment fee
48% APR

12 months

How To Apply For Medical Loans Australia – Step-By-Step

Apply for medical loans via the by following these quick and easy steps:

Step 1: Select Your Loan Amount & Provide Your Details

The very first step is to start the medical loans application process by completing the online application form. Click "Get Loan" on the top right side of the screen, and an online application form will be displayed. Input your required loan amount followed by your personal particulars, including your name, surname, positive ID, proof of address, proof of earnings, bank details, and a list of your monthly expenses. Lenders will want to verify the information you provide, so be as upfront and honest as possible when completing this form.

Step 2: Await Review

Once you have submitted your application form, you only need to wait two minutes for your request to be reviewed. Most lenders provide feedback on medical loans Australia within two minutes. If you accept a lender’s offer (or want to), you will be directed to the lender to finalise the details. is not a middle man and it does not cost you to make use of the loan matching service.

Step 3: Finalise & Sign Your Loan Agreement

It’s important to read all the terms and conditions of a loan agreement before signing the contract. Once the lender has advised on you on their medical loans available, you can sign the contract online and send it back to them for final review. It is important to ask questions during this step, especially if you aren’t sure of some of the details.

Step 4: Get Your Cash

When a loan is approved, it is typically paid out within 60 minutes. There are some instances where this takes a bit longer, but not usually more than 24 hours. The lender will deposit the cash into the bank account you provided details for.

Eligibility Criteria For Medical Loans For Bad Credit

You qualify for medical loans for surgery Australia if you:

Are a permanent resident or citizen of Australia.

Have proof of address in Australia.

Have been employed for more than 3 months and earn at least $350 per week.

Have bank statements available (at least 3 months).

Have an Australian bank account.

Have valid ID (a driver’s license or Medicare card will suffice).


Who Is Eligible For A Medical Loan In Australia?

At, you need to be at least 18 years old, earn $350 or more per week, be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia, and prove affordability of the loan through an income vs. expenses assessment in order to be eligible for medical loans.

How Long Are Medical Loans?

If you are have medical surgery or a costly treatment coming up, you may wonder how much you can borrow with loans for medical procedures and how many months you get to repay it. Medical loans typically range from $300 to $10,000 with 3 to 24 months to repay the loan – this is the case when you borrow money from one of the lenders on the panel.

Can You Get A Loan To Cover Surgery?

Medical procedures, big or small, cost money. This is where medical surgery loans can provide peace of mind. With bad credit medical loans and medical loans for surgery Australia, you can pay for treatment without delay and have some breathing room to pay off the expense over a time that’s suited to your financial situation. Most bad credit medical loans of above $2,000 come with 48% APR whereas loans below $2,000 come with zero interest attached.

What Can I Use Medical Procedures Loans For?

You can use medical loans for anything you want. The lender will not ask you to stipulate exactly what you plan to spend your loan on. That said, most borrowers use medical procedures loans for dental work, cosmetic work, major surgeries, and even medication.

What Features Should You Consider When Applying For Medical Loans?

When applying for medical procedures loans, you should consider the loan amounts available and whether the loan term is flexible. The last thing you want is to get tied into a loan contract you can’t comfortably pay off. You should also work with a lender that offers reasonable interest rates. In the case of medical emergencies, a same day payout is also something to look for.

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