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PayItLater Alternative

With PayItLater, you can receive an offer at checkout to pay in instalments when making a purchase. Such point-of-sale instant approval loans offer you buy now pay later or shop now pay later services, and it’s a growing trend in Australia. However, using buy now pay later services offered by companies like PayItLater isn’t always a wise move, and it’s important to consider available PayItLater alternatives.

Read on to learn how PayItLater alternatives work, how much borrowing with apps like PayItLater costs, the key features of PayItLater alternatives and the pros and cons of apps like PayItLater. You’ll also learn about eligibility requirements for apps like PayItLater, how to apply and the PayItLater alternatives available at Gday Loans.

1. How Do PayItLater Alternatives Work?

PayItLater alternatives include personal and payday loans available from lenders at Gday Loans. PayItLater alternatives allow you to borrow from $150 to $2,000, and you can even get up to $5,000 from some lenders.

Platforms like PayItLater can encourage overspending as the ability to pay off an item over time makes it seem affordable, and you don’t have to wait to have the funds ready. However, PayItLater alternatives available at Gday Loans also offer the same convenience and ensure you don’t wait around for cash when you need it.

While banks and traditional lenders can take days or weeks to approve a loan request with many hoops for you to jump through, Gday Loans can save you time and money. The online application process and approval takes minutes, and you can receive a lump-sum payment directly into your account within hours.

With apps like PayItLater, you have to make instalment payments every week for four weeks. Gday Loans connects you to lenders who offer PayItLater alternatives with better repayment terms. You’ll get 3 to 24 months to repay, and you can choose to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly affordable instalment payments.

With PayItLater alternatives, you’ll only pay a 4% charge on the loan amount as a monthly service fee, and you’ll not pay any interest if you borrow below $2000. Gday Loans ensures you get a loan package suited to your affordability, and you can get lenders who offer attractive packages with low rates to stay competitive, so it’s worthwhile to compare options.

If you’re looking for quick funds to make a purchase or close a deal you can’t miss, PayItLater alternatives from Gday Loans are an excellent choice. They’re suitable for small and large financial needs or purchases and are easier to repay with extended repayment periods tailored to your affordability and budget.

2. How Much Does Borrowing with Apps Like PayItLater Cost?

Borrowing with apps like PayItLater comes with additional fees you may have to pay for the loan. Although there’s no loan interest, using PayItLater pay later services can come with various fees and terms, including a service fee, an admin fee, a wallet withdrawal fee, and a late fee.

It’s essential to review the terms and conditions of apps like PayItLater before you open an account because each will have its fee structure. Some may be a percentage of the amount borrowed, while others may set a fixed fee depending on the amount borrowed.

For example, PayItLater applies an additional 9.9% service fee on top of the order cost when you use it to make a payment. A $25 admin fee is applied if the service is used fraudulently, while a fee of 1.5% of the withdrawal amount applies when withdrawing to a bank account.

A late fee also applies if you don’t make payments on time. Apps like PayItLater buy now pay later options charge a $10 fee when the payment is 24 hours overdue. If you still haven’t made payments within a week, you’ll be charged another $10, and there’s no mention of any caps, so they’ll continue adding up over time.

You may also find that the 0% interest doesn’t last the length of the loan, and after a particular period, you get very high rates that leave you with expensive finance charges down the line. Some may also charge transaction processing fees or early exit penalty fees.

Such fees can look insignificant, but they slowly add up to significant amounts, and if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself in a debt spiral before you know it. Gday Loans only works with the most reputable lenders in Australia to ensure adherence to responsible lending regulations. It guarantees you the ultimate peace of mind as they adhere to lending rules set by the Australian government. With Gday Loans, you get PayItLater alternatives that don’t charge any interest on loans below $2,000, and the only fee you pay is a 4% service charge.

3. PayItLater Alternative Key Features

Higher, Flexible Loan Amounts

PayItLater alternatives at Gday Loans feature higher loan amounts starting at $100 to $2,000, and you can find some lenders that go up to $5,000. They can help you cover large and small purchases or financial needs. With apps like PayItLater, the amounts you get are not as flexible since the limits are set from $500 to $1000.

Extended Loan Terms

Lenders at offer PayItLater alternatives with extended loan periods based on preference and affordability. You can choose how long you want to repay the loan, and this can be a few weeks, months or years. You’ll pay interest on the entire loan duration, so if you choose a shorter period, you make higher payments but pay less interest. If you choose a more extended period, you make lower payments but pay more interest.

Quick Disbursements

Gday Loans connects you to lenders who offer PayItLater alternatives with quick payouts. They’re aware of the urgency involved in making purchases or wanting to close a deal, and they’ll not keep you waiting. If you meet the requirements, your loan application will be approved within minutes, and the funds will be disbursed within hours.

Disbursements don’t exceed 24 hours, and it’s recommended to apply as early in the day as possible to get a quick turnaround. Some lenders can have particular cut-off times. If you sign and return the loan agreement before the cut off time, payout on the same day is usually possible.

4. Advantages And Disadvantages of Apps Like PayItLater Australia



PayItLater pay later services involve interest-free loans. Much the same, loans of up to $2,000 at Gday Loans come with zero interest.

Instant Payment Solutions

PayItLater provides payment solutions when you need to close a purchase deal and are short of funds. In the same way, instant cash loans at Gday Loans are paid out on the same day.


Small Loan Amounts

Apps like PayItLater feature small loan amounts with limits from $500 to $1,000. It will often defeat the purpose of the loan if you can’t borrow enough to cover the purchase cost.

Short Repayment Period

PayItLater features short repayment periods where the instalments are due every week, and the loan has to be repaid within four weeks. It can be insufficient time to repay the loan, and you have to be sure you can repay the loan within a short period to avoid late payment penalties and fees. PayItLater alternatives like personal and payday loans available at Gday Loans offer more extended repayment periods from 3 to 24 months.

5. Am I Eligible f0r Apps Like PayItLater? Information Required to Apply

To use apps like PayItLater, you’ll have to:

Be 18 years of age or older.

Be a permanent resident or Australian citizen.

Be able to enter a legally binding contract.

Have a valid bank account or debit card in your name.

Have never declared bankruptcy or insolvency.

Other information and documents required to open an account and apply with apps like PayItLater include:

  • A verifiable and valid email address plus an Australian mobile number.
  • A valid delivery address in Australia.
  • A valid identification document to verify your identity. It can be a driver’s license, a Medicare card or an Australian passport.
  • Employment information, including your last salary date and amount.
  • Bank details.

6. How to Apply for Apps Like PayItLater Australia

Applying for apps like PayItLater Australia is straightforward with quick and easy steps. Simply download the PayItLater app through the apple or android app store and install it.

Choose register as a user and follow the prompts to create an account by completing all six signup stages. Once your account is approved, you can start purchasing online or in-store.

If you’re opting for PayItLater alternatives such as instant same day loans at Gday Loans, the following steps apply:

Step 1 - Fill Out the Online Form at

You can locate the personal loans application form by clicking “Get Loan” in the top right-hand side of the screen on the Gday Loans website. Once the form opens up, you will need to insert your personal details, employment details, banking details, and requested loan amount and term.

Step 2 - Get Matched with a Lender

Once you’ve submitted the application form, a few minutes is all that’s required to receive feedback. If a lender can help you, you will be transferred to their site to finish setting your loan agreement in place. If none of the lenders can assist you, a message will be displayed on the screen telling you such.

Step 3 - Make it Official – Sign Your Loan

Once you’ve received the loan agreement, read through it thoroughly, and signed it – send it back to the lender for final approval. You may find that the lender requests further documentation from you, so have your supporting documentation handy for the entire application process.

Step 4 - Get the Cash You Need

Once the signed application is received and the lender gives the final approval on your loan, the money will be transferred into your bank account. This usually happens within just 60 minutes but can be done on the next business day if there are delays.

7. PayItLater Alternatives

Personal Loans with Gday Loans

Personal loans are one of the PayItLater alternatives available at Gday Loans. They’re suitable if you need significant amounts to be repaid over more extended periods. They’re a type of instalment credit that provides you with a lump sum that’s paid directly into your account to use however you see fit.

The borrowed amount is repaid plus interest over a chosen period in monthly instalment payments until you settle the loan. Through Gday Loans, you get free access to a wide panel of the most reputable lenders in Australia who offer personal loans from $100 to $5,000 with repayment periods of 3 to 24 months.

Payday Loans with Gday Loans

Another suitable PayItLater alternative is payday loans which are short term loans meant to be repaid on the day you get paid. Think of them as breather loans that can help you cover unexpected expenses or purchases and tide you over until your next payday.

Unlike apps like PayItLater that may require a good credit history or formal employment for approval, you can qualify and get approved for PayItLater alternatives at Gday Loans with a bad credit history or without traditional work.

You’ll get approved as long as you prove affordability. Gday Loans provides you with access to lenders who accept all kinds of income sources like self-employment, dividends, trust proceeds, alimony, property income, allowances, and pension.

8. FAQ's

What Can I Use Instead of PayItLater?

PayItLater alternatives like personal or payday loans from Gday Loans can help you meet your purchase needs. They’re paid out very swiftly, so you don’t have to worry about delaying or missing a purchase. Lenders at Gday Loans are understanding, and they’ll tailor the deal based on your needs and affordability.

How Does PayItLater Work?

PayItLater offers shop now pay later financing where your credit or debit card is used to set up a payment plan. Instead of paying the total purchase on the spot, you pay in four instalments until you pay off the balance. Simply select PayItLater as a payment option during checkout when purchasing online or select scan on the PayItLater app when shopping in-store.

How Does PayItLater Payments Work?

PayItLater instalment payments are due every week, and you get a schedule outlining the dates the payments are due when you make a purchase. You also get reminders of any upcoming payments.

What is the Application Process for PayItLater Alternatives at Gday Loans?

Once you’ve decided on the amount to borrow, head to and complete the easy online application form. You can capture your details in a few minutes, including your employment status, address, contacts, income and expenditure. After submitting the form, you’ll get connected to a suitable lender within minutes to complete the process. You’ll get a loan agreement, and after signing and returning it, you should receive funds in your account within 24 hours at the latest.

Can I Shop Anywhere with PayItLater?

No. You can only use PayItLater with approved merchants. Such limitations make PayItLater alternatives like payday and personal loans from Gday Loans more attractive. You get funds that you can use for purchases in any store online or offline without limitations.

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