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WagePay Alternative

We’ve all been there. You know, the times of the year where you really need to buy now pay later because cash is tight? Instalment payments made available across Australia through the likes of Wagepay and Wagepay alternative payment solutions have made it possible for many everyday Aussies just like you salvage the year. Whether you’re trying to afford Christmas, a birthday, or even pay for pressing expenses that can’t be avoided, such as food for the family, rent, or unexpected vehicle repairs – having a payment solution that is Wagepay similar is your best bet.

First of all, what is Wagepay Australia and what’s the best Wagepay alternative? For many, Wagepay is a way to avoid crumbling under the pressure of mounting expenses when you just don’t have enough money to get you through the month. Wagepay is a Fintech company that offers individuals the option of getting an advance on a portion of their wages – at a fee plus annual interest. The best alternative, of course, is an instant cash loan from Gday Loans. What’s great about this particular Wagepay alternative is that you don’t pay annual interest on certain packages!

Is your interest piqued? Read on to learn more about Wagepay, why small cash loans from Gday Loans are better, and the key features of both Wagepay Australia and the best Wagepay alternative. We also cover the qualifying criteria, what costs to expect, and how to get the cash you need right now. We also cover some top frequently asked questions to ensure you can make an educated decision between Wagepay payment solutions and the best Wagepay alternative.

1. How Does Wagepay Alternatives Work?

For those who need cash in a hurry and don’t want to make use of a regular payday loan or bank loan, a Wagepay advance seems like a viable option. Once registered as a member, you can gain access to up to 25% of your wages, and this cash advance doesn’t negatively impact your credit score. You can afford to shop now pay later with Wagepay Australia without getting yourself into unmanageable debt.

As a suitable Wagepay alternative, Gday Loans makes it possible for borrowers to get more than just 25% of their wages as an advance to get them through the month. Better yet, you can loan between $150 and $10,000 with 3 to 24 months to pay! Of course, if you’re just looking for a bit of a financial boost to thwart those pesky “When are you going to pay?” calls or late notices on your rent this month, you can take out a loan of up to $2,000 and pay absolutely no interest. One area where Wagepay Australia and Gday Loans are similar payment solutions is the fact that borrowers aren’t kept waiting around. Both services offer a quick service, ensuring that you have the cash you need now – that means today - not next week!

When getting a cash advance from a Wagepay alternative such as Gday Loans, you can expect to borrow a set amount of money and pay it back in easy-to-afford monthly instalment payments. If you borrow up to $2,000, you won’t pay interest, but instead pay a small monthly service fee and a once off establishment fee. You only pay interest on loans over $2,000.

2. How Much Does Borrowing with Apps Like Wagepay Cost?

When you’re in a financial pickle and need cash in a hurry, it’s essential not to overlook the cost of the advance just because you need money now. Buy now pay later cash advance options shouldn’t cripple you financially – if they do, they’re a poor choice. A Wagepay advance will provide you with up to 25% of your wages and will cost a 5% flat fee and 24% annual interest.

The Gday Loans option, Wagepay similar, offers you more borrowing scope (up to $10,000) and comes with a 20% establishment fee (once-off) and 4% monthly service charge. Best of all, borrowing costs you less if you just need a small advance. Loans of $2,000 and below come with no interest attached. Of course, if you need a larger amount, the annual APR can be anything up to 48%.

3. Wagepay Alternative Key Features

When shopping around for buy now pay later options that are viable Wagepay alternative payment solutions, you’ll discover that Gday Loans has great options on offer. All of the cash advances at Gday Loans share the same features:

Get Cash Same Day

Who’s got time to wait around when financial hurdles make an appearance? Not many people! Just like financial emergencies crop up in a flash, you need to know that you can get the cash you need in a flash. At Gday Loans, you can get a cash advance in as little as one hour. At the most, payouts are made the next business day.

Plenty Borrowing Scope

One of the reasons why Gday Loans is considered a worthy competitor of Wagepay Australia is that it offers borrowers more than just one option when it comes to loan amounts. As far as Wagepay alternative options go, Gday Loans truly stands out with their flexible loan amounts from $150 to $10,000.

Convenient Loan Terms

Paying off a loan on time is important, but it can be difficult if the loan terms are unrealistic. For instance, repaying a $1,000 loan over two months might be a daunting concept. When selecting Gday Loans as a Wagepay alternative, you get the opportunity to work out a loan term with the lender that best suits your budget and financial situation. During the loan application process, you will need to indicate how long you need to repay the cash advance with options ranging from 3 to 24 months.

4. Pros and Cons of Apps Like Wagepay Australia

In order to choose the best buy now pay later option for you, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. When using Wagepay Australia, one of the biggest advantages is that you get cash in a hurry, and of course, there’s no Wagepay credit check involved. However, when using Wagepay similar payment solutions such as Gday Loans, there are various advantages and disadvantages to consider as follows:

Advantages of Gday Loans as a Wagepay Alternative

100% Online Application Process in Minutes

Gone are the days where you had to head down to the local bank to convince the bank manager that you were worthy of a cash advance with subsequent instalment payments. Nowadays, everything is automated – for your convenience. When applying for a cash advance on the website, you get the opportunity to fill in just one application form, have your application considered by up to 15 lenders, and can complete the entire process online without having to print a single document. It’s so quick and easy that it won’t take more than just a few minutes out of your day.

Equal Opportunity for Bad Credit Borrowers

If you’re thinking of using Wagepay but aren’t sure about a Wagepay credit check, rest assured that the company doesn’t do one. Just like Gday Loans, Wagepay uses your current financial situation (not your past) to determine if you’re viable for a cash advance. Just because you had a rocky financial past, it doesn’t mean you have to pay for it forever! With Gday Loans as your chosen Wagepay alternative, your bad credit history won’t deter the outcome of your cash advance application. Instead, lenders on the panel will consider your current income vs expenses to make a decision.

No-Interest Loans Available

Don’t like the idea of paying interest on instalment payments for a cash advance? You don’t have to! With instant cash advances at, you can get an interest-free loan if the amount you need to borrow is $2,000 or less.

Disadvantages of Wagepay Alternative Loans

Expensive Form of Borrowing

While Gday Loans offer buy now pay later cash advances that aren’t more expensive than Wagepay Australia options, it is still not the cheapest form of borrowing around. The cheapest form of borrowing would be from your local bank, but those come with red-tape, strict eligibility criteria, credit checks, and lengthy waiting periods.

5. Am I Eligible for Apps Like Wagepay? Information Required to Apply

If you meet the following criteria, you are eligible for apps like Wagepay Australia and viable Wagepay alternatives.

Minimum age requirement: 18 years

Residency status: permanent resident of Australia with proof of address

Minimum income requirement: at least $350 per week

Identification: valid Australian driver’s license or Medicare card

Affordability: provide a list of your income vs expenses each month

Banking: valid, operational, Australian bank account (for direct debit and initial transfer of the loan)

Additional documents required: utility bill (address), payslip and bank statements

6. How to Apply for Apps Like Wagepay Australia

Now that you’re aware there are Wagepay alternative apps; you may want to know how to apply for them. For starters, the Wagepay app is fairly simple to sign up for. Simply visit the website, click on “Get My Wage Now”, and insert your email address. The system will send you a code that must be inserted in order to open an account. You will then be taken through the signup process, where you will be required to input your personal particulars and your employment and earning specifics.

If you’re looking for a simpler option that provides more than the standard of up to $1,000 that’s offered by Wagepay Australia (keep in mind, you can only get up to 25% of your wages), you’ll want to check out Gday Loans.

Here’s how to get an instant cash loan paid out within 60 minutes of approval with Gday Loans:

Step 1 - Decide on a Loan Amount & Gather Your Documents

To speed up the process, it’s best to know exactly how much you want to loan and how long you need to pay it back over. You should also have your documents on hand. Many people find that lenders reject their cash advance application when they overshoot the loan amount. Remember that the lender will check your bank statements for your current expenses and compare this to your current income, so only apply for a reasonable amount that you can definitely afford to repay. Make sure that you have your supporting documents handy so that you can send them to the lender on request.

Step 2 - Click on “Get Loan” and Start the Process

Filling out the online application form is the next step. This process is just as simple as applying for a Wagepay advance and takes just a few minutes. Details requested will include your name and surname, address, banking details, employment and remuneration details, the required loan amount and term. Once you have provided all of your details, click on submit and wait for an outcome.

Step 3 - Finalise the Contract

Assuming that your buy now pay later cash advance application is approved, you will be transferred to the lender’s website to complete the process. If for some reason, your application is rejected, you will receive a notification on your screen letting you know. Getting feedback only takes a few moments. If you want to proceed with the proposed loan with the terms and conditions on offer, simply accept the loan by reading through it first and then signing it.

Step 4 - Get Your Cash Advance

When signing the loan agreement and sending it back to the lender, the lender will either approve it instantly or request further supporting documentation. Tend to this request quickly to avoid possible delays. Once the loan is approved, the lender will pay out the loan within 60 minutes or by the next business day. Once you’ve got the cash, you can shop now pay later!

7. Wagepay Alternatives

Wagepay Australia is not the only provider of cash advances. If you’re looking for a viable Wagepay alternative, simply consider the following:

Personal Loans with Gday Loans

One of the best Wagepay alternatives available is personal loans with Gday Loans. While works differently from Wagepay Australia, you can still expect to get the cash advance you need when you need it. Gday Loans presents a panel of up to 15 lenders most likely to approve your loan request. And what’s more is that while Wagepay Australia caps the advance at $1,000, Gday Loans does not. In fact, you can loan between $150 and $10,000 and get 3 to 24 months to pay. The eligibility criteria for a personal loan are easy to meet, and you’re even welcome to apply if you’re not traditionally employed or are on Centrelink benefits.

Payday Loans with Gday Loans

At Gday Loans, payday loans are simple to apply for. The online application takes a few minutes, and you can expect to get the cash in your bank account within an hour of approval. What’s great about payday loans with Gday Loans is that they range from as low as $150 all the way up to $10,000. This means that you can loan a small or large amount, depending on your needs. The loan instalment payments are made each month on your specified payday to ensure that your payments are made on time, every time. If your payday advance is $2,000 or below, you can expect zero interest charged!

8. FAQ's

What Can I Use Instead of Wagepay?

If you would like to use a good Wagepay alternative, you can opt for a payday loan or cash advance from

Does Wagepay Affect My Credit Score?

No, Wagepay does not carry out a credit check which means that it won’t impact your credit score negatively at all.

Does Wagepay Do a Credit Check?

No, Wagepay does not do a credit check. Instead, you will need to provide the details of the bank account that your wages are paid into. The company then determines if you are eligible for an account by assessing your bank account’s transaction history.

How Long Does Wagepay Alternative Take to Process?

If you’re using Gday Loans as your Wagepay alternative, you can expect to receive the money in your bank account within one hour of loan approval.

Which App Gives Loans Instantly Australia?

Gday Loans is a great place to start if you're looking for instant cash loans. Lenders servicing Gday Loans’ clients pay out on the same day!

How Much Can I Get with Wagepay?

If you’re looking for a cash advance from Wagepay Australia, you will find that the company offers 25% of your wages and generally caps that at $1,000. For instance, if you earn $500, you can get an advance of $125. If you need to borrow more money, it’s best to apply for an instant cash loan at Gday Loans. If the loan amount is under $2,000, there’s no interest charged!

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